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An omen of Recovery

February 22nd, 2011 at 04:53 am

I transferred a small pension plan (only about 1500 euro) to a new policy in March 2008.

Ever since then it has been dropping in value - however today it is back at the value it was in March 2008.

Is this a sign that things are getting back on track in the Stock Market very broadly pension fund speaking ?

I know that the nature of the Stock Market is not slow and steady growth - but rather sharp changes in the short term which smooth out over the long term - after all, that's how traders make money - buying and selling in short periods of time.

I dunno - I think it's at least encouraging that perhaps the current rot has stopped in pension funds and they're back to 2008 levels.

2 Responses to “An omen of Recovery”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Right about now, any sign that leads to some economic recovery would be most welcome! I hope that there is some insurance that things will improve very soon... I wish you well with your investments.

  2. http://custom-written-papers.org/blog/geography-essays.html Says:

    I completely agree with you and I think that the arguments that you have given are really weighted and clearly framed.

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