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Night-out Irresponsibilities & New Plan

April 18th, 2011 at 09:28 pm

So was out last Saturday with a friend and got very very drunk. Ended having my money and cell-phone stolen. All my own fault - for getting that drunk in the first place.

So yesterday, of course - the guilt set in - about losing the money - a week's take-home pay. Then I thought, well it could be worse, no-one died or got hurt. I realized that perhaps I view life too much in terms of dollar and cent.

My mini-breakthrough was that "money is only a some-time accompaniment of wealth".

In my mind, if you are alive - you are already wealthy. A beating heart, healthy lungs, a functioning stomach, clean air, clean water and of course food are all things that we mightn't think of as assets, but without them - we will not survive.

So I'm taking off my financial strait-jacket and am ditching my myriad savings goals etc. I am going to enjoy my life.

New Financial plan:

1. 25% of Take-home pay to Cash Savings.
2. 10% of Take-home pay to Retirement.
3. 65% everything else including F U N.

I am debt-free and intend to remain that way. But I just want to let go of my financial targets/identity for a while and just breathe. Live paycheque-to-paycheque BUT have no debt and be saving as outlined above.

Sufficient unto the day is the worry of it.