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My Own Credit Card Provider

January 30th, 2011 at 05:42 pm

Have a Wedding come up in September where I will be a Groomsman and I was thinking to myself: Maybe I should get a Credit Card just in case I need money urgently ?

Then I thought I was mad for thinking that. CCs can be a real pain and can be such a temptation to spend unnecessarily.

Also - the Irish Government charges a 30 euro annual tax just for having a CC.

So have decided to set up an Internet savings account with a Bank and save 2000 euro in it (over the next year or two) and just, well, leave there as kind of a CC facility to myself.

If I'm ever stuck for money urgently, I just log in online and transfer money to my checking account. I will then "repay" the money when I can minus the usual CC interest.

Also the Internet savings account pays 3% interest so I'll be earning 60 euro interest annually instead of paying 30 euro tax to the Irish Gov annually.

Thank you Blogging friends for opening my mind to this way of looking at things !

Happy Sunday to All :-)

Giving percentage down.

January 3rd, 2011 at 02:22 pm

Happy New Year to all.

The only major change in my January 2011 budget is a drop in my Giving from 10% to 6.9%. I feel kinda bad about this but still 6.9% is not bad.

I made this decision as my non-food spending per month budget was running at about 200 per month while my Giving budget was running at 180 per month. So I felt too squeezed and I didn't want to decrease my monthly savings contributions.

I feel like I have gone to Confession to confess a Sin ! lol Catholic guilt and all ! :-)