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This Guy is Amazing !

January 17th, 2010 at 12:35 am

I hear my mind calling him a modern day Buddha... but he is not... he's (just) a human being alive in 2010 like the rest of us.

But he has insight - AMAZING insight. He has touched me. 3 videos at about 18 mins each:




A point he made about a lot of people believing that the future is more important than the present/giving more precedence to the future than to the present has prompted me to re-examine my budget to see if I'm short-changing the present for some far-off concept of the future/retirement...

Just a thought :-)

One-handed typing

January 1st, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Fell on ice today - we're having the coldest spell in Ireland in nearly the last 30 years - it's going to be minus 10 celsius tonight which is very very unusual.
Anyways my right wrist had a dull ache after the fall - now (8 hours later) it is throbbing - go figure ! Hope it's better tomorrow !

My latest financial musings concern my debt-free budget in April: Should I fully fund my Emergency/Opportunity fund first and then invest in the Stock Market or should I do both at once ?

If I do both at once, I can invest in ETFs sooner rather than later and give them that extra year to grow (magic of compound growth).

If I throw all my resources at the Opportunity fund it will obviously be funded sooner - I'm aiming to save 15,000 in a high-interest secure Deposit account.

My knowledge of the Stock Market is not satisfactory and if I build up Deposit account first, then I will have a year or so to learn before I start buying the ETFs.

I was thinking about seeing a Financial Advisor but I've read several poor reviews of these guys and a lot of people recommending educating yourself and making your own decisions.

What do you think ?