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How best to disregard Habitual Self-Doubt ?

June 13th, 2010 at 04:13 pm

So there is a small Film Festival happening in a City near me next month.

I went on the website and there is a Pitching competition that goes like this:

* You send your 500 word story idea on one page.
* All ideas are looked at by a panel.
* The best 5 are invited to pitch their idea.
* They take turns talking about their idea in public for about 10 mins in front of the panel.
* The panel picks a winner and gives them 3000 euro to help them write the full-length script.

It cost 30 euro to submit an idea. I presumed it would have been free to submit but, hey, it's not.

Anyway, I know that the idea of selling my idea in PUBLIC in competition with the other 4 best ideas is WAY WAY WAY outside my comfort zone.

But my idea would have to picked first. I have 4/5 of the film in my head and wrote down disjointedly so putting the 500 words together will not be a big labour.

But my pitiful little mind is throwing up things like "What are you thinking ? You'll never win" etc etc... Anyone who lack confidence in any area will know what I mean.

I KNOW that that little voice is a mental distortion and I should just ignore it but the thing is the little voice is very devious, deceptive and believable !!

Anyone any tips on shutting it up !! :-)

The deadline for submission of Idea is next Friday so I'm going to post it off on Wednesday to make sure it get's there.

Wish me Luck !! :-)

I'm just feeling like.. unworthy or something...

5 Responses to “How best to disregard Habitual Self-Doubt ?”

  1. Waterfall Says:

    I'm concerned it costs anything to enter, let alone €30.

  2. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    I know - it is a bit off-putting. Especially in this economy - I can see it being a barrier to many people e.g. unemployed etc.

    Maybe the Festival is low on funding and they reckon 100 entries will generate enough money for the prize - 3000 ?

    Anyways... IF I won it there would hopefully be non-financial benefits such as getting the idea out there, meeting the right people who can make it happen and meeting scriptwriting tutors.

  3. momcents Says:

    Hey, it is Friday. What did you end up doing?

  4. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Hi momcents

    The deadline for submission has been pushed back by the Festival until next Wednesday the 23rd. I posted my entry off yesterday.

    So just anxiously waiting now I guess !!

    I'm going to call them on Monday to see if they received my entry and to ask them when will they let the lucky 5 know they're through to the Pitching Award.

    Wish me Luck !

  5. Jerry Says:

    The best way to overcome it, if this is something you really want to do, is to tell that voice to shut the bleep up and just DO it. Then send it in and it is done, no more thinking required! You can then second guess yourself all you want, because the hard part is over. The simple fact is that MOST people won't apply, so you take the lead by just doing it. There is no insurance that anyone will win, so you might as well try!

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