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The power of walking away

April 2nd, 2009 at 07:41 pm

So I've been waiting for the Internet to be connected to my new apt for over 2 weeks now... no explanation been given for the delay...

Called imto store several times and called...no phone calls back to update me.... so today I researched an alternative internet provider...

Went into original store and basically said "I'm gonna cancel with you and go with Company X who can have me online tonight". They said they couldn't get in contact with installer....

Lo and behold... knock on door 2 hrs ago and set up by original provider within 30 mins.....

Jeez... all that fuss over nothing !! It's hard to believe there are small companys dragging their feet connecting new customers in this recessionary environment...

Ah well... threatening to walk away did the trick !!

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