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One-handed typing

January 1st, 2010 at 03:31 pm

Fell on ice today - we're having the coldest spell in Ireland in nearly the last 30 years - it's going to be minus 10 celsius tonight which is very very unusual.
Anyways my right wrist had a dull ache after the fall - now (8 hours later) it is throbbing - go figure ! Hope it's better tomorrow !

My latest financial musings concern my debt-free budget in April: Should I fully fund my Emergency/Opportunity fund first and then invest in the Stock Market or should I do both at once ?

If I do both at once, I can invest in ETFs sooner rather than later and give them that extra year to grow (magic of compound growth).

If I throw all my resources at the Opportunity fund it will obviously be funded sooner - I'm aiming to save 15,000 in a high-interest secure Deposit account.

My knowledge of the Stock Market is not satisfactory and if I build up Deposit account first, then I will have a year or so to learn before I start buying the ETFs.

I was thinking about seeing a Financial Advisor but I've read several poor reviews of these guys and a lot of people recommending educating yourself and making your own decisions.

What do you think ?

4 Responses to “One-handed typing”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Oh no! Sounds like a sprain if it's hurting worse today. Keep it immobile and use ice (how ironic) if it's swelling. Or if you're like me, go straight to a doctor--better hypochondriacal (sp?) than sorry, I say. Wink
    I'm similarly torn about financial planning. How do you know you're getting good advice just because someone calls themself an expert? On the other hand, there's so much I don't know that a true expert could help me with (but who to trust?).

    See how much you can learn before April, and then if you feel a bit more educated, go ahead and do 25% to stock market/75% to savings, or some such split. If you still don't feel ready, 100% to savings until you do.

    I keep putting off really paying attention to investing because paying down debt is so pressing, but I'm not getting any younger, despite my fervent wishes, so I've got to deal with it soon!

  2. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Frozen peas to the rescue ! Kinda.. I regret not resting it after the fall... ah well.. it is swelling... will see how it is in the morning... I'm pretty sure there are no broken bones so I'll try putting off seeing doc - 50 euro for 5 mins !!

    I will try to educate myself before April.. I'm planning to invest in ETFs as opposed to individual stocks so I really just need to pick out say 3/4 ETFs and split my monthly contributions among them.

    Saw a Youtube video of Charlie Munger (VP of Bekshire Hathaway) giving his 4 simple rules of investing - he said the reason why colleges don't just teach the simple correct way to investing is that they wouldn't be able to fill a semester with it. He makes it sound so easy ! lol

  3. scfr Says:

    Hope you feel better.

    Educate yourself, definitely!

  4. Jerry Says:

    Sorry about the fall! The one nice thing for you in Ireland is that you have the national health insurance, at least... a trip to the A&E won't lead to a hole in your wallet. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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